What's been happening (Sensory Days and Entertainment)

Residents and staff of The Gardens Care Home enjoyed a sensory day last month (pictured above). Sensory days are very important as they help people suffering with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Residents with Alzheimer’s can find it difficult to communicate and perform everyday activities and by using everyday objects, we can trigger emotions, memories and heighten the 5 senses, allowing them to express themselves, feel safe and relaxed, with the end goal being to lift their mood, self-esteem and have a positive outlook.

20180926-Red Nose Day 2-2.JPG

Above you can see one of our happy residents from The Gardens Care Home in Darlington enjoying her afternoon on Red Nose Day. A great day was had by everyone and residents of The Lawns in Monkseaton were also having fun when they were entertained and treated to a sing along with musician and singer Mick Young who visited the home.