This May is Mental Awareness Month


May sees the country educating and bringing awareness about mental health for all ages and many different types of mental illnesses. Mental illnesses are effecting thousands upon thousands of people around the world every day, gaining access to the right information is vital if you are someone suffering with an illness or supporting someone who needs your help.

Mental illness can effect the way you think, feel, behave, cause sleep problems and stress. It is commonly described using everyday words like depression and anxiety, which is easier to understand but can also lead to being underestimated in its severity.

At Ascot Care we try to help in all areas of the care industry, not just our own care homes. However some of our residents are sufferers of Alzheimer’s with the side effect of depression, and there are many different causes and routes to treatments for the most effective outcome. All our staff are highly trained and continually up-skill themselves, for the benefit of our residents and to educate others.

Besides our own care homes, Ascot Care support a North East community interest company called Noggin Sport. Noggin Sport produce and supply a clothing range where all profits are donated to help raise awareness in mental health, in this case they are helping sportsmen and women who have to deal with high pressure sporting events. Ascot Care have helped by donating and buying beanie hats for the Durham University Rugby Club. If you would like to help Noggin Sport, please view their website