Congratulations to St Anne's staff for their great achievement

React to Red St Annes safety cross data.jpg

St Anne’s staff have been awarded their certificate of achievement from the ‘React to Red Skin’ campaign. The campaign is designed to educate people of the dangers of pressure ulcers and the best way to treat them, but most importantly, how to prevent them. 700,000 people in the UK suffer with pressure ulcers (bed sores), at a cost of billions to the NHS and care providers. The team at St Anne’s have shown great initiative and the quality of their documentation in how to help the elderly in the home in these situations, has led to them receiving this award, and promotes a healthier lifestyle for those in their care. We’d like to congratulate our staff on their achievement and thank them for their continued level of commitment to Ascot Care, their residents and the care sector.

For more information on the ‘React to Red Skin’ campaign, and to increase your knowledge on preventative measures, visit