Ascot Care’s Approved Dementia Standard Scheme


 Ascot Care pride themselves on their commitment to high quality care services.  With this ethos in mind, Ascot Care have developed the ADS (Approved Dementia Standard Scheme).  This scheme is open to everyone, from our own care homes to external care settings, nursing homes or respite facilities, with a speciality and a responsibility to dementia care.  Ascot Care believe that people living with dementia need to be supported with the highest level or care and respect with their needs being priority, which is why we want to ensure through this scheme that standards are continuously maintained in the interest of the resident/patient living with dementia.

 Our new Approved Dementia Standards Scheme has been developed with an external independent consultancy company (Valued Care Solutions) to review several key areas of care, which are vital for the well-being of individuals with dementia.

 The scheme will see care facilities be awarded accreditation’s for 2 years in Bronze, Silver and Gold levels on successfully showing they have met compliance in the standards required.

 To obtain

Bronze, standards include, care facilities evidencing that the staff are competent in their knowledge of dementia work, that they have undergone the correct training and have a programme and schedule of on-going refresher courses.

 Silver, standards include being able to take their knowledge (from Bronze level) and deliver it to the individual with dementia in a very person centred manner, giving them dignity, choice, independence, privacy and care, meaningful activities with goals and monitoring outcomes, in order to fulfil the individuals needs in the best possible way.

 Gold, following successful completion of Bronze and Silver, the carehome (facility) will be independently reviewed, with random unannounced inspections, to evaluate how policies and procedures are being undertaken and if they maintain the standards previously met.  Standards also include Dementia friendly building environment, external spaces and equipment for use by individuals to be assessed.

 Ascot Care have put their own care home The Gardens of Darlington through the scheme.  Having been working hard over the last 6 months, they have successfully received their Bronze and Silver levels due to their staff’s continual commitment to educating themselves in the best possible way.  The level of care provided to those living with dementia at The Gardens is second to none, and our staff are proud to be providing such a valued service to those in need.  We are continuing to strive for higher goals every day and hope to achieve our Gold level in the very near future following the relevant assessments.