Embracing new technology

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Health Call SBAR

 Ascot care are soon to be implementing new technology into our care homes, working alongside the NHS with a system called ‘Health Call SABR’

 The new technology is going to speed up information gathering and reduce workloads and provide more efficient and quick help for patients and residents in care homes.

 The technology comprises of an App which will be able to record and send observations of a resident’s state, such as blood pressure, temperature, oxygen levels etc, and will be electronically sent to district nurses or Advanced Nurse Practitioners.

 The nursing teams will be able to make more informed clinical decisions for the resident with confidence they know what is ‘usual’ in that particular patient, leading to more person centred care.

 SBAR stands for Situation, Background, Assessment and Recommendation

Technology and information sharing will allow Community Matrons and District Nurses to use and review vital information far quicker, resulting in a promotion of health and wellbeing, by directing the patient’s care to the right person at the right time, preventing the amount of hospital admissions and phone referrals.

 The App allows the nursing team to request more observations if necessary, giving the care home worker more confidence and knowledge of what observations are regularly required prior to a nurse’s assessment.

 The technology will also give the residents and family members piece of mind that the recordings of observations have been logged and sent to the nurses to asses, whilst the resident may still be in their very own home. 

 All the staff at Ascot Care are undertaking the highest level of training in order to use this new technology.  Ascot Care are thrilled to be part of the new way of working alongside the NHS and making the well-being, care and safety of our residents at the forefront of our goals.